Gay Cult Classic Secret of Dorian Gray Finally Available on DVD in US


THE SECRET OF DORIAN GRAY IS A HARD-TO-FIND PULP GEM!  Avavilable for the first time in the US  MAY 17th.

RaroVideo U.S. will release THE SECRET OF DORIAN GRAY on DVD May 17. Never before released on DVD in the U.S., this is a seventies classic Italian film restored to its original splendor.
In case you don’t know the story –  In London, a wealthy, god-like, young man, Dorian Gray, loves Sybil, an aspiring actress; thanks to her, he’s momentarily less self-centered. He’s also sitting, scantily clad, for a portrait painted by his ascot-wearing friend, Basil. When it’s done, Dorian complains he’ll grow old while it stays unchanged- the classic plight of the vain.

On the same night, as if he has sold his soul to the devil, exchanging vanity for morality, he ends it with Sybil, and then accepts the seductive offer of a party’s hostess to sleep with her. The next day, the painting looks slightly older. In horror and fascination, Dorian hides it away and continues a life of degradation. Over time, as the portrait becomes hideous, he’s unchanged by his ever-increasing libidinal life; finally, he and Basil face the painting. The exceptionally groovy score by Giuseppe De Luca enhances the seventies milieu.

THE SECRET OF DORIAN GRAY has been newly restored from the original 35mm negative. 

 You Tube has a fun tribute to the film and Helmut Berger (the star of the film). He was SO SEXY!!


Get ready to read The Picture of Dorian Gray — the way Oscar Wilde intended to to be read. More than 120 years after the classic’s initial release, the original version is about to be published, according to The Telegraph.

Before its serialized publication in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890, Wilde’s editor made a number of changes to tone down the book’s homoerotic content. References to the protagonist’s lovers as “mistresses” and other “decadent” phrases were also removed.


One phrase from the original — “it is quite true I have worshipped you with far more romance of feeling than a man should ever give to a friend” — was changed to —”From the moment I met you, your personality had the most extraordinary influence on me.”

Even with the changes, critics called the book “vulgar” and “unclean,” and more passages were removed. Now, editor Nicholas Frankel says it’s finally time to publish the original, and “bring it out of the closet” for a 21st century audience.

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The Secret of Dorian Gray (Il Dio Chiamato Dorian)

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