New Yorkers enraged over Gay Bashings and Marching Against Hate Crime

Multiple gay bashings this month in New York City have shaken not only the LGBT community but New Yorkers in general.

Action group Right to feel Safe is organizing a march on April 10th leading to the crime scene of the most recent gay bashing and ending at the historical Stonewall inn.

Late Sunday night 26 year old Damian Furtch was brutally gay bashed after leaving a MC Donalds in the West Village in New York City.

In a statement Furtch shared with GLAAD yesterday, he says:
The attack against me is part of the larger issue of violence against gay and transgender people in New York City.

While I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story, I hope to shed light on the larger issue of violence against my community. This has to stop. Under no circumstance should a person be attacked for their sexual orientation.”

Damian´s attack is the second gay bashing this month in New York City. Late February 26 year old Barie Shortell was gay bashed a block away from his home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Action group Right to feel Safe is fed up and has taken the initiative to organize a march against hate crime. Right to feel safe consists of a group of friends of Damian Furtch who each have dealt with anti gay violence in the past.

Right to feel Safe broad support all around the world. Queen of electroclash; Peaches participates by creating an inspiring video to supports efforts of “Right to feel safe”.

The march will take place on April 10th starting at 3.30 pm at Washington Square park and will lead to the location where Damian was beaten after which it will end at the Stonewall inn; location of the historical Stonewall riots.

Right to feel Safe: “It is extremely important to us that we end our March at the Stonewall inn because it shows that we will never forget our history and that we will keep fighting for the rights that generations before us fought for with blood, sweat and tears.

“We are dealing with a global trend here that needs to be stopped now!” “It seems that gay bashing is prevalent even in some of the most liberal cities in the world and that is something that just simply cannot be tolerated!”

After a 24 percent increase in gay violence in 2010, Right to feel safe organized two Marches against gay bashing in former gay capitol Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 Right to feel Safe feels LGBT communities have come to a boiling point:“For over forty years we have been actively and openly fighting for our rights.” “It is time we get what we have been fighting so hard for: full equality and for all!”

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