Covers Gayfestnyc Spring Gala

This past week, our friends at GAY LIFE covered the Gayfestnyc Spring Gala.  They captured some great speeches including one from David Mixner, A true hero in our community.  

He reminds us, (especially the youngins!) of our journey from the 50’s. A time when most hid in the closet. Mixner tells the stories of horror faced by the GBLT Community in the past, like the fact over 4,000 needless lobotomies were performed on homosexuals.
He tells of the the strives we’ve made and  the people we have lost.  And what we need to do – every GBLT person, friend and parent needs to see this video!  also interviews the stars at the Center Dinner Gala, Angela Lanbury and Alan Cumming and  Awardee Broadway Producer, Tom Kirdahy plus  much more. So many great messages about being safe from HIV.

Don’t miss these awesome videos!

Thanks to GAY LIFE

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