Lady Bunny and Friends do Burlesque Tribute

Lady Bunny and friends
are  back this with week 
with a parody of
Cher in Burlesque!

Written by and directed by Lady Bunny, and she also stars as “Scare”.

Bunny Says, “Before you rabid fans attack, just wanted to let you know that I am aware that my Cher voice sounds more like Elvis and that unlike me, Cher was never fat.

I love Cher. She’s been putting out quality material for most of my life. Of course, she’s older now and has gone overboard on the surgery so I don’t mind making fun of a genuinely talented performer who has a few quirks. With older glamorpussses like Cher and Dolly Parton, it’s hard to tell whether constant surgeries are their own personal obsession or whether they simply know that their looks are a big part of their appeal and so they MUST correct any signs of aging. As much as we criticize their transformations, we’d be the first to mock them if they developed a turkey neck , jowl or bag which wasn’t instantly sucked out, yanked up or smoothed. It’s a Catch-22 situation.

I’m also a fan of Xtina’s phenomenal voice–when someone can get it through her head that you don’t need to show off and riff on every single note as the producers of her hit Beautiful did. Xtina sings a hauntingly beautiful power ballad in Burlesque which is quite similar to Beautiful with some gorgeous chords. And Christina gives a compelling performance while singing it, I think her “acting” is best suited to selling a song in music videos, which Burlesque is really a string of with a tired storyline binding the whole thing together.”

Beloved downtown NYC clown David Ilku appears in the Stanley Tucci role. In addition to being 1/2 of the ridiculously funny Duelling Bankheads, David is 1/3 of the demented comedy troupe Unitard .
(Unitard on Facebook .)

Versatile Greg Scarnici  plays Christina Hag-uilera to the hilt as well as many other kooky characters.   He’s published an outrageous parody of Madonna’s Sex book called Sex In Drag as well as starred in dozens of youtube videos. His youtube channel is a must see !

A very special thanks to Louie Garay, Kriss and Big Ben from La Escuelita, NYC’s premiere latin dance club which has the best drag stage in town. It was the perfect setting for this madness.

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Bunny  wrote a full review (yes! she can write!)  of Burlesque  for 

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