Gay Retreats to be Held in Pennsylvania

3 upcoming Gay/Bi-sexual retreats
 in the Pennsylvania area.

Set down your burdens, satisfy your thirst, come home to the garden of paradise, and lose yourself in lovemaking with God. This is the true erotic message Jesus, or Yeshua, gave his friends two thousand years ago, and it is the true journey of Lent in the Christian mystical tradition. In this four-day experiential workshop, you can begin Lent by experiencing the Christian mysteries as never before, harnessing their sensuous power to radically transform your life.

This is a workshop for spiritual and erotic adventurers: gay and bi men who are willing to question their beliefs, feel their wounds, and explore their own erotic edges – a workshop for men who are willing to risk joy.

The Erotic Body of Christ – 2011
Kirkridge Retreat Center – Delaware Water Gap, PA
March 17, 2011 to March 20, 2011
This Workshop is for Gay and Bi Men, Singles and Couples Welcome

As gay men, in some ways we have an instinctive ability to bridge the masculine and the feminine. Still, we often struggle with our power. Collectively, we have fought for acceptance and equality in the social arena. It is yet another step to stand in our personal power without fear or excuses, compromises or justifications.

By means of exploring the masculine and the feminine principles in our bodies, movement, breath, voice and contact, we will engage our power as a visceral, pulsating, emotional experience. Once comfortable with it — or even better, once deriving pleasure from it — we will express our power in various forms of play. 

Don’t we all want to feel powerful? Enjoy pleasure?  Be playful?  Join Kevin Kortan, Kai Ehrhardt and a community of fellow explorers, where you will have the chance to explore how the dynamics of Power, Pleasure, and Play shape and influence your body-mind-spirit, career, and relationships. Under the experienced and attentive guidance of Kai & Kevin, a safe, supportive environment will be created to for you to explore, and uncover, your strengths, challenge your unproductive habits, and help you open to new ways of being.

Power, Pleasure and Play
Kirkridge Retreat Center – Delaware Water Gap, PA
April 28, 2011 to May 01, 2011
This Workshop is for Gay and Bi Men, Singles and Couples Welcome

Are you looking for greater intimacy in your life?
Is something preventing you from fully enjoying the touch of another man?
Do you want to better express yourself through touch?
Are you wanting deeper and more meaningful relationships?
Then this is the workshop for you!

With Eros – the God of Love – as our inspiration for this weekend, you’ll find yourself in the company of like-minded men who are sincere seekers.  Together we’ll earnestly explore the questions, ‘What is intimacy?’ and “Can I be intimate with another if I am not also intimate with myself?’  With the support of community you’ll come to know how the accepting presence of other men can give you the courage and desire to go even deeper into knowing yourself and others. 

Intimacy and Eros For Men – 2011
Kirkridge Retreat Center – Delaware Water Gap, PA
June 09, 2011 to June 12, 2011
This Workshop is for Gay and Bi Men, Singles and Couples Welcome

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Spirit Journeys   offer play, adventure and relaxation, as well as the potential for personal growth and the exploration of spirituality and sexuality.

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