Relive Studio 54….Gold and Glitter Event February 4th

With the Full Force and Sex Appeal
of Studio 54’s Hedonistic
Era of 70s Disco…

A pulsating collective of nearly 1,000 of New York City’s creatives are anticipated to attend Love That Fever’s 1st Annual Gold & Glitter: A glamorous night filled with seductive visual art and hypnotic transcendental beats with a portion of the night’s proceeds to benefit The East African Center (EAC).

The metallic event will feature both multimedia visual and performance art from a bevy of over twenty five acclaimed virtuoso DJs , VJs and performers on Friday, Feb. 4 2011 at the REBEL 251 West 30th Street, NY, NY, 10001.

Headliners include, French-Algerian DJ Reda Briki, Tim Fielding, Mia Dangerfield and France’s own Sid Vega, will penetrate the sound of disco infused with deep energetic house, into your soul while Gaeten VJs Static, Philly and Kurt Ritta, NYC project stills and fast-frame art throughout the night.

Love That Fever  is a multimedia international event production company founded in 2010 specializes in interactive and participatory artistic productions. Co-founder and partner JJ Relph hopes that the night of jewels, afros, tuxedos, exotic fau furs, and disco balls will inspire a vestige of change in the way patrons of NYC’s arts collective gay and lesbian scene defines the word “expression” — all while contributing to the efforts of the EAC’s Journey of empowering women and children. The EAC is a non-profit organization that helps communities achieve empowerment by increasing literacy for women and children, improving health status, and eradicating poverty.

JJ Relph stated “this will be a night were fantasies come to life, the lines between sexuality become very fluid and boys who like boys who like girls who like girls who like boys will all meld into one. New York’s party scene is very divided along gender and sexual orientation lines this is the party were you get to leave your label at the door, and come and have fun and see what happens.”

Gold & Glitter will also feature a variety of glitz and glam treats throughout the night from, BUILT2BURN Disco Fashion and makeovers, and Gold & Glitter body painting, MC Christopher Hardwick – serving as the flamboyant “Steven Rubell” of Studio 54, Suck My Lemons Photo-booth by Page, ANIMUS — all while while jewel-covered men and women known affectionately as the FEVER DOLLS, fulfill your every need, and Drag queens will give you LIP.

For more information on showcasing
or  volunteering,  contact
JJ Relph at 646.318.0000 or e-mail

Photo: Behold Love That Fever producers from left to right JJ Relph, Annie Vainine, DJ Reda Briki,
photo credit Jazz Wall



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