Actor Michael Brea a Murderer?

An actor who had bit parts on Ugly Betty and in Step-Up 3D has allegedly murdered his mother with a samurai sword, according to reports.

A black 55-year-old woman identified as Yannick Brea was found dead in a Brooklyn apartment with multiple stab wounds early Tuesday morning, the NYPD confirms.

According to the NYPD, Brea, 31, was overheard screaming bible passages and yelling “repent” during a confrontation with his mother, Yanick Brea, 55.  Shortly after, she was found dead of multiple stab wounds.

“EMS responded and prounounced her dead at the scene,” said a police spokesman. Brea, who also had a bit part in Step Up 3D, was taken into custody at the scene and transported to the hospital.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Brea was holding a Bible when cops arrived at the bloody scene.

The investigation is ongoing. Charges are pending.


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