Jonny McGovern in Hollywood…Dishing on Britney, Oprah, Travolta and More!

As you probably know by now,
Comedian Jonny McGovern
moved from New York City
to the glittering Hollywood.

In case you have been under a rock, (or a cock) His PodCast  continues  FREE on iTunes !  (YEAH!)  Every Tuesday, Jonny  (pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend)  serves it up!

He’ll  also be filming new episodes for The Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show soon  PLUS , he just unvieled  CELEBRITY DONKEY PUNCH  on YouTube, a warped look at America’s Finest Journalistic Efforts…CELEBRITY MAGAZINES!

In This   Episode : Taylor Lautner Never Wears Underwear! Britney Spears Gets Naked! John Travolta Gay Sex Tape! Oprah’s Employees Tell ALL!   Kim VS Khloe! Featuring Nadya Ginsburg!

I love  “Oh NO, SHE DIDN’T!”   And  he reports on all the HARD news, with his  “The Bulge Report”!   FYI, The Situation is NOT hung, and hottie twink Taylor Lautner never wears underwear to the gym!  Hola!

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(PS –  Jonny told me he is also busy work on his new music AND NEW MUSIC VIDEOS!

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