Lady Bunny and Steve Willis Spoof Katy Perrys California Girls

LADY BUNNY is  back with a new spoof song!

Bunny is one of the hardest working bitches in drag!  Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, she has lived in New York since the 1980s. She loves to spoof pop songs with nasty lyrics added!  Her newest creation is a take on Katy Perrys California Girls .

Written by and starring Lady Bunny
Directed by Steve Willis. Co-starring Lavinia Co-op, Shealita Babay, Sugga Pie KoKo, Go-go hunk Matthew Camp (who I worship!) and several unknown skanks found in the hills without any ID and unable to speak clearly enough to identify themselves.
This is all meant in demented good fun–I’m from Tennessee myself!”  Lady Bunny.

More laughs at Lady Bunnys  BLOG

Best Gay New York


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