IS IT JUST ME? New LGBT Film in New York City October 1st

Blaine is a typical young gay man looking for love…without much success. 

Enter Xander, the man of his dreams.  After meeting in an online chat room, they quickly fall for each other and start a virtual relationship.  Before long, they decide to meet face-to-face for a coffee date. 
But in Blaine’s world, nothing comes easy.  He discovers he’s been chatting with his new online boyfriend under his roommate Cameron’s profile. The problem is, Cameron is a sexy go-go dancer – and that’s the guy Xander is expecting to see.  Blaine persuades his roommate to pose as him during the date until he can win over Xander with his wit and charm.  It’s Blaine’s brain versus Cameron’s brawn as love blossoms within this threesome.

IS IT JUST ME ,  OPENS  in New York City  October 1st.  @  Quad Cinema

Watch the movie trailer online .  Is It Just Me  on Facebook .

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