Wanda Sykes Escapes to Fire Island

After playing the White House, welcoming twins and premiering her own late-night talk show, outspoken lesbian Comedian Wanda Sykes  needed an escape. JC Alvarez of  NEXT catches up with an old friend on Cherry Grove recently.

It seems ever since Prop 8 and Wanda coming “OUT”, she is now even more famous in the gay community.

Sykes has whole-heartedly embraced being a role model in the gay community. She and Alex understand the importance of being a visibly gay couple. “The more people see us,” Sykes says, “the more they can put a face to someone who is gay. I look at Constance McMillen [the Mississippi teen not allowed to bring her girlfriend to the prom] She’s a strong girl. She had some nasty things said about her. It makes you think about those kids at the lunch counter during the civil rights movement.” The historical parallels are an uncanny reminder to her. “It’s my obligation [to be visible].”

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