The Stonewall Swim August 21st

On August 21,
fifty (50) LGBT athletes
will take a daring plunge into
 the Great South Bay.

They will swim from Sayville to the Fire Island Pines (approximately 3.5 miles!) to raise money for the Stonewall Community Foundation .  These disciplined athletes have been training for months and your support is needed!

Stonewall was begun as a collection of advised-funds and endowments by like-minded donors concerned about creating a vibrant and healthy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Today, Stonewall is a full service community foundation seeking the participation of everyone interested in bettering our community.

Since 1990, the foundation has distributed more than $14 million in grants. Grantmaking from Stonewall’s general fund concentrates on the needs of organizations in the five boroughs of New York, while Donor-advised funds support a variety of organizations locally and throughout the country.

Stonewall supporters envision a community of shared resources where donors, funders and organizations work together, joined by a commitment to strengthen one another. Stonewall is dedicated to increasing charitable giving within the community today while building a strong endowment for tomorrow.

CHARLIE  FINLAY  is a newly elected board member  –

He  says, “My role will not be as a swimmer this year (I will be kayaking across the bay with a team to monitor the swimmers).  I have committed to raising $2,500 for this event, and I ask that you please help me reach my fundraising goal by sponsoring me — just follow these 5 simple steps:
1.        Go to:
2.        Click “Add to Cart” in the “Sponsor a Fundraiser” line (second to last item)
3.        Choose my name   CHARLIE  FINLAY  from the “Fundraiser” drop-down menu (very important!)
4.        Enter the amount of your donation, then click “Proceed to Checkout”
5.        Enter your contact information, followed by credit card information, and click “Submit.”


Best Gay New York


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