Counterfeit Condom Bust in New York

When it comes to counterfeit smuggling rings, the images that come to mind are generally knock-off handbags or ”Rolox” watches sold on street corners. It might be time to conjure up a new image, one that has less to do with fashion houses and more to do with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

Earlier this summer The New York Times reported that brothers Lin F. Hu and Jian Lin Hu pleaded guilty to smuggling into the United States counterfeit items such as bags, clothes and sunglasses, from China. According to the Times, the counterfeit smuggling ring made millions from selling the items with Disney, Nike and North Face brand names among them. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

But these rogue entrepreneurs were also holding half a million counterfeit condoms, packaged as Trojan brand condoms and lubricated with vegetable oil. Though the Hu siblings did not admit to taking part in smuggling the condoms, the find is evidence that there must be a market for fake prophylactics.

Robert Nardoza, public affairs officer for the United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York, said he believes some of those condoms may have made it to the market, but he could not comment further on such details as to where and when.

Counterfeit condoms underscore the importance of having free condoms available.

”When you have counterfeited items, like your Louis Vuitton bags and what have you, at the end of the day, that’s not great. But here, when one’s life is put at risk….This has real implications in that it undermines the public’s trust in these products.”

Read the whole article at  Metro Weekly .

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