Ex- Madam Kristin Davis WILL RUN for Governor of New York

Kristin Davis ,

formerly known as the Manhattan Madam who supplied high priced call- girls for Eliot Spitzer when he was Governor and Attorney General announced today that she would run for governor as the candidate of the Anti-Prohibition Party (APP).

She had previously considered the Free Libertarian Party and the Reform Party labels but rejected both although neither is recognized in New york State as a party.
We need to legalize marijuana, gay marriage and casino gambling by ending the Prohibition on them,” said Davis.

“It’s time to end the Government prohibition on Marijuana and tax it for the public benefit,” said Davis. “It’s time to end the prohibition on gay marriage and it’s time to end the prohibition of casino gambling.”

“It’s also time to end the government prohibition of prostitution in order to drive those who exploit women and utilize drugs out of the business and to protect the public safety as well as filling the public coffers by taxing it,” said Davis, a former hedge fund Vice President.

Davis was convicted of promoting prostitution and spent four months in prison before becoming a feminist, libertarian activist and advocate for a freedom based agenda that includes legalizing pot,prostitution and casino gambling to bring new revenues to New York.” These are the best alternatives to higher and higher taxes on the people of our state,” said Davis.

Davis requires 15,000 valid voter signatures to get her Anti-prohibition campaign on the ballot. If Davis and the Anti-Prohibition party get 50,000 votes they would win permanent ballot status until the next gubernatorial election and could run candidates for state and federal office in 2012.

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