Amanda Lepore Presented a New Wednesday Night Party at Carnival New York City


  We  don’t  usually  run too many  bar  photos –
 but we do Love  Amanda, Cazwell,
and beautiful men! 

Some  tasty  photos from the new 
Carnival party on Wednesdays at  Bowlmar .
110 University Place (Btw. 12th & 13th) • (212) 255-8188

Black Book Mags  take on last night , “It is a triumph of glitz, glam and, more importantly, fun. All the usual and unusual gathered for this 3-ring purpose. We often judge these “fashion fag” events by the familiar faces, the cast of tried and true characters who have shaped this scene for decades. Their presence laid credence and their attendance was often the barometer of success. What I saw yesterday was much better….”

 Pics courtesy of  Michael  Hardgrove .



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