Super Gay Super Heroes on Parade at Skin Tight USA Party at Stonewall Inn

Do we really want the “straight media” poking around into all of our parties and fetishes, explaining them to the world? I don’t know. I think sometimes it makes us look bad….

Take for instance last weekends  New York Times.  It’s a big gay bird! It’s a big gay plane! It’s… the front page of the Sunday Style Section in the Paper of Record!  I was on the subway and heard some straight people snickering and making fun of the expose on Skin Tight U.S.A., the costume-fetish party at the West Village’s Stonewall Inn.

The Village  Voice  said, “let’s explain this zany subculture to stodgy old people” treatment, while the good-humored subjects doubtlessly laugh it up at the thought of being anthropologically considered by the New York Times. But then it turns into a captivating cultural critique of comic book culture. Let’s observe the geeky homosexuals in their natural habitat, shall we?”

Read the full article  at  NEW  YORK  TIMES


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