FLOW AFFAIR Flagging + Voguing = Floguing at THE CENTER April 23rd

To celebrate
the near-completion of Flow Affair, the new documentary to be released by Art From The Heart Films, the award-winning director Wolfgang Busch is hosting a Website Launch Party and fundraiser at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 23, 2010 at the LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, New York, NY. 

The suggested donation is $20.

Melba Moore, the ground-breaking Tony Award-winning actress and singer who has collaborated musically with Michael Jackson and has stared on Broadway opposite Eartha Kitt, will join Meli’sa Morgan, the top Billboard magazine recording artist, to headline the fundraiser featuring musical and dancing performances to benefit the completion of Flow Affair. 

The fundraiser will present special performances of the new dance, “Floguing.”

Flow Affair explores the evolution of dance by showcasing the emergence of “Floguing” – a breakthrough in dance that has only begun to show up at underground circuit parties and dance clubs, and in innovative dance choreography.

“I am grateful that the community is supporting Flow Affair,” said Busch.  “We are revolutionizing dance, and I hope this fundraiser will help us bring Floguing to the whole world.”

Floguing – it’s like voguing, but with flags or fans in your hands
In 2006, Busch, the director and producer of Flow Affair, brought together members from the House Ball community, the originators of the dance “Voguing,” and members from the Flagging community, the originators of the dance “Flagging” and “Fanning,” to create a new dance :  FLAGGING  +  VOGUING  =  FLOGUING.

At the House Ball’s voguing competitions, there is a dance category called voguing with a prop, where dancers sometimes use fabric and fans.  Introducing flags was the next step in the category’s artistic progression.  Soon, dancers were “walking the runway” with flags, and, in the process, the new dance “Floguing” was created.

About Wolfgang Busch :
A community-organizer and activist, Busch is an openly gay documentary filmmaker.  His first feature documentary release, How Do I Look (2006), was about the success of the Harlem House Ball community in creating cutting-edge trends in fashion, dance, and runway.  He uses the arts to empower communities in several states.

Are you flowing ?

To see where Flow Affair will go next, we invite you to visit :

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