Will the Manhattan Madam Run For the Governor Seat of New York State?

Last Saturday I gave the first political speech of my life. I spoke to the Manhattan Libertarian party and told them I planning a campaign for Governor of New York State.”  stated the Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis.

” I have not decided whether to seek the Libertarian party nomination or form my own party based on my platform; legalization, regulation and taxation of prostitution, marijuana, and legalizing gay marriage.

When was the last time a candidate put forward this kind of honest, radical platform? When is the last time a politician offered the voters something different than higher taxes, more spending, greater debt and service cuts.”

“I am the one who will be running and putting my name on the ballot. I am the one who will offer New York voters something different. I am the one advocating using our voice to speak out against inequality and the one who is ready to take on the career politicians and expose them for who they really are! I know the politicians and political reporters wont take me seriously at first. Let’s see if they are still laughing when my campaign files three times the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot.

New York voters will have a chance to vote to legalize prostitution, pot and gay marriage next November.

What could be more exciting?”

You Go Kristin!  We’ll  Support  You!

Read more at her blog Manhattan Madam

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