GET FIT in 2010 with Scott Herman Fitness


It’s almost time for those Healthy New Year’s Resolutions!

I hope everything is going well and you’re ready for 2010.
Our buddy Scott Herman has been helping lots of people get in shape.

He has his own Channel on YouTube  where he teaches fitness for free. He has At Home routines, demonstrates how to use the machines in the gym, and will help you reach your goal whether it is to gain muscle, tone, or lose weight.

His latest video was #1 top favorite on YouTube last week, “Be a 10 in 2010 with my Holiday Abs Routine (Home & Gym)”.

He has a ton of great information. Here are some of the videos he sent us to start with.

1. How To Maintain Your Body: Video

2. Proper Eating Habits: Video

3. The Alcohol and Fitness Mix: Video

4. The Secret To Great Abs: Video

Just go to Scott Herman Fitness on Youtube and check out the playlists on the right side of the page. He has machine demonstrations, dumbbell exercises, all kinds of stuff.

These At Home workouts are great too:

1. The At Home Thanksgiving Aftermath Workout. Video

2. Homeland Muscularity- With my Military Style Workout (Home & Gym) Video

3. Exercise Ball = Stronger Core: With my Core Workout (Home & Gym) Video

The best thing about it is that you can create a YouTube account for free and subscribe to him and each week and when he posts a new video, it will show up on your YouTube account.

 He loves fitness and helping people reach their goals.


Visit Scott Herman’s website

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