Michael Aronov’s MANIGMA Returns Off-Broadway

Michael Aronov’s MANIGMA was a LGBT favorite in 2006. The show is being reincarnated this month, now directed by LAByrinth Theater’s artistic director Stephen Adly Guirgis (Jesus Hopped the A-Train dir. by Philip Seymour Hoffman).  

The controversial solo show from highly acclaimed thespian Michael Aronov (Miss Julie, Mauritius, Spain) will begin at the
Harold Clurman Theater on Theatre Row January 15 – March 13.

Manigma depicts six distinct characters-all performed by Aronov: “Chacha” – the saucy and resilient cabaret performer embracing her nasty past; “Sasha” – the beefy old-world immigrant hungry for a companion but stuck in his ways; “Frick” – the introverted penny collector who misses his mom; “T” – the thug from the streets who demands a revolt; “Pinchy” – the vulnerable self-helper hunting for courage; and “Rick” – the uninhibited wild man who urges us to abandon and live. These troubled opposites represent extrapolated versions of the actor’s own personality. The show highlights the inner conflict of these disparities and then embraces them, celebrating the complexities that make us unique.

His diverse look, intensity and multi-ethnic background have allowed him to be a chameleon on stage and screen. From the classics to contemporary cinema, Michael Aronov continues to carve out a career that celebrates the rich character work of the sixties and seventies.

Manigma will be staged from January 15 to March 13, at the Clurman in Theatre Row, located at 410 West, 42nd Street (between Ninth and Tenth Avenue).

Tickets are available by calling (212) 279-4200. For more information, visit  MANIGMA


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