The Queens of Drag – NYC –

Film and TV producer Larry Kennar (L Word, Barbershop and 50 1st Dates), season 4 Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth and award-winning producer/director and owner of COLT Studio Group, John Rutherford, have come together to produce a television extravaganza called The Queens of Drag: NYC that explores and exploits the glamorous and ghetto-fabulous drag queen scene of New York City.

Drag legend Lady Bunny will reign supreme in this all-star cast of drag divas, which includes the ageless and evergreen Hedda Lettuce, uber-glam Sherry Vine, the hilarious Bianca Del Rio, drag superstar and extremely controversial Kevin Aviance, sexpot songstress Pepper Mint and the classless and campy Mimi Imfurst.

Breakout queens nipping at their platform heels like Epiphany Get Paid, Logan Slaughter, Chandilier Period and Dallas DuBois and will join these ladies of illusion.

The Queens of Drag: NYC will highlight all the talent and drama that is synonymous with making a living as a drag superstar in the most amazing and unforgiving city in the world.

Viewers will see the real grit of drag queens’ lives in and out of drag as they try to dominate the New York nightlife scene and navigate through the struggles of making it in the shiniest, filthiest city in the world.

Multiple networks have already expressed interest in the project, and filming for the pilot began last week.

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Some Cast  notes –

Mimi Imfurst is a 7 time Glammy award nominee and 3 time HX Drag Queen of the Year Award Nominee.  Her TV/Film credits include: MTV’s Jackass, The Howard Stern Show, The Real World, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. She was most recently seen in the Diary of Anne Frankenstein (Anne Frankenstein) and is currently playing the Virgin Mary in “The MADONNA’S CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION”.

Dallas DuBois is the newest addition to the New York drag scene. Dallas is a versatile performer, combining everything from Pop to alternative- however, Dallas is known for her Broadway and theater performances. Now, also a Glammy nominee Dallas performs around NYC at several venues including Evolve Bar, and Stonewall Inn. The future isn’t clear for Dallas, but she definitely has bright future and long career ahead of her. 

Kevin Aviance has appeared in several films, including Flawless starring Robert De Niro and the independent film Punks. Besides his feature-film work he has made guest appearances on such shows as the The Tyra Banks Show, and American’s Next Top Model, also hosted by Tyra Banks. His songs “Din Da Daa“, “Rhythm Is My Bitch”, “Alive”, “Give It Up” and “Strut”, have all reached #1 of the Billboard Dance Charts. 

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