New Yorks Most Horryifying Haunted House – Boys Night October 14th


6 years of fear!

Touted as  New Yorks Most HORRYIFYING Haunted House! 

NIGHTMARE: Vampires,
created  by  Timothy Haskell
 of  I SCARE YOU.  

Now in its sixth year and at a new location, NIGHTMARE’S fully immersive haunted house takes haunting to a whole new level.

Get ready to play your part in NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES, a unique haunted attraction that unfolds as an original horror story!

Set in the Museum of Vampyric Artifacts (MoVa), the world’s first vampire museum features antiquities related to vampires from the headlines, in the media and from around the world. However, when MoVa and everyone in it are attacked by blood-lusting maniacs, you won’t just be viewing the exhibits on display…you’ll be running from them! Witness the birth of a new vampire legend!


The second event this year is Nightmare 666: A short, sharp and grotesque black magic show featuring a variety of sacrifices, some of them human. Will you be one?

NIGHTMARE has a brand-new location! We’re now at NOHO Event Center 623 Broadway at Houston Street (enter on Mercer Street). 


Are you a screamer? Come to Boys Night at NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES and find out.
Drag queens and boys galore. BOYS  NIGHT,  OCTOBER  14th
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The  Best  of  Gay  New  York


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