Undergear Underwear Photo Shoot In Times Square Friday October 2nd

Does anyone really  wear their underwear outside?
(Besides the Naked Cowboy?)  

 YES.  I saw many people at the beach this summer in Chicago wearing underwear instead swimsuits….I saw  a  couple  guys in the Streets  of  Toronto in their underwear……and I even saw a hottie in Chelsea this summer wearing tightie whities in a corner market picking up some liquor! Then I picked HIM up.

So  UNDERGEAR asks,  WHERE DO YOU WEAR  YOURS?  In continuation of their HOT new viral campaign, Undergear will be doing a photo shoot in Times Square from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. kicking off at the Red Steps on 47th and Broadway.

In what’s sure to be the most traffic-stopping Times Square takeover since the Naked Cowboy first appeared on the scene, Undergear models will be gracing the busy streets of New York wearing only their underwear!

Stop by to check out the photo shoot, take pictures with the models and  pick up some cool  giveaways like chapstick, dog tags, discount cards and more! Make sure to follow @Undergear for location updates throughout the shoot.


The  Best  of  Gay  New  York


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