The Gay Housewives of New York City


Move over you
New Jersey Mafia bitches!

Get out of the way you
bleach blondes from Orange County!

And Step Off!
You Atlanta  wanna-bes!

There’s a gay version of the ‘Real Housewives’ in the works and the cast will be gay men only. Well to do gay men. Hopefully hot and sexy gay men who have lots of sexcapades. High drama. And High Camp? My head is spinning already!

The people behind Real Housewives of Atlanta, are casting a gay version of the franchise—in New York! 

Leave it to the gays to take a tired concept, put a belt on it, give it a new pair of shoes, and call it fiiiiiiierce.


Casting call details are as follows:

I’m looking for the hottest young, fabulous gay men NYC has to offer for an upcoming docu-series. These boys need to be living the good life, keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night. I’d love for them to be in a relationship, and we’re looking for diversity in those relationships – especially younger/older dynamics.

The cast still needs to be selected and no official network has signed on. (HELLO? Bravo?)  Meanwhile Fox’s new show Househusbands of Hollywood premiered on August 15.  AND  ONLINE, you can watch The Real HouseBoys of West Hollywood!  The times are a changin’.

The Best of Gay New York


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