GRACE JONES! Back in New York City Tonight!




This is what EVERYONE was saying  after Grace Jones first US appearance in over 30 years!  (She performed all over Europe earlier this year to sold out crowds). She played the Hollywood Bowl this week and TONIGHT is at the Hammerstein  Ballroom.

Few artists command the microphone and the stage as Jones. It makes you yearn for a world in which Madonna was the one-hit wonder, with Jones occupying the Earth’s Most Celebrated Diva throne. From her odd accent, which has tinges of French, British and Jamaican patois within, to her carved, menacing face, to those legs, which seemed forged from steel, Jones somehow seemed too large for even the Bowl stage. THIS IS A PERFORMER AND A STAR!  Go back and sit down Britney.

At 61, you would never expect the caliber of performance that she delivered. Throughout the night Jones had, if we’re counting correctly, seven amazing costume changes. And while she was off stage changing, she talked to the audience via her mic and you could actually hear her rustling into the next outfit and next pair of 6 inch stilettos backstage!

(Her costumes were designed by infamous costume designer Eiko Ishioka, known for her Oscar winning wardrobe in Bram Stroker’s 1992 Dracula, Cirque du Soleil: Varekai, and the costumes for the Beijing-2008 Olympics to give you an idea of a few iconic pieces of her work.)

Sitting in a box seat at the Hollywood Bowl, Halle Barry and beau Gabriel Aubry (and pals) danced up a storm during Grace’s performance, while Gabriel just rested his chin on Halle’s shoulder. “During ‘La Vie en Rose’ the actress stood up and went crazy and applauded,” an onlooker told People. “It was wild!”



This whole rebirth of Grace was not even planned!   There was never supposed to be a new album, let alone a TOUR! “Hurricane was an accident. Blame it on Ivor Guest. I’d decided never to do an album again. Record companies today don’t allow artistic freedom, and I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. But when Ivor brought me the music to ‘Devil In My Life’, from there we had a creative chemistry and the music just flowed.

We followed where my voice was taking the music and where the music was taking my voice. We didn’t work to some industry formula of what the Grace Jones sound is. It doesn’t matter that it’s taken twenty years because me and the music are always in the same place. It doesn’t sound like the past or the future. It sounds like now, whenever now is. I don’t count. Quality surpasses quantity at any time.”
– Grace Jones

Will there be a  world  tour????  God, I hope so!

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