Take MTA to Fire Island and Get A 3 Way


Men, Men and more Men all crammed onto a little island!  And getting there, just got a little cheaper! We love a deal!

This summer you can save  $14 on your 3-way! 

 Take the Long Island Railroad to Sayville, a colonial Taxi to the harbor, and the Ferry to Fire Island….in one transaction. Suddenly arriving at Fire Island is as easy as three in one.  The cost is $30 round trip, or about a $14 less than the three separate fares.

Time has no meaning on Fire Island (just remember your ferry & train times). You’ll think you’ve entered a different world. Lay on the beach, and let yourself go. Push your toes through the warm sand. Relax, dine and dance, and indulge yourself. One of the greatest places on the island – it’s outrageous fun. The shops and restaurants are all brilliantly colored and built on multi-levels. You can find something for everyone to do.

MTA  $30 round trip  specials  Now through September 7
Packages subject to same-day taxi use (but we’ve used the return ticket many days later)
Offer not valid Fridays after 5:30 p.m.       The Pines     Cherry Grove

Now,  if I just had a place to stay……

The Best of Gay New York


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