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One of our favorites is JESSE ARCHER.

Jesse Archer grew up in the beaver state of Oregon, which inspired him to get around. He has since lived and worked in Los Angeles, Paris, Buenos Aires, Capetown, and New York City.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, Jesse traveled the world before landing in New York City. He appeared in the Off-Broadway hit Birdy’s Bachelorette Party and on film in Boy Culture. Jesse also stars in the gay romantic comedy favorites Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word (which he co-wrote with director Casper Andreas).

Jesse also writes freelance, including a monthly column for Out magazine. His first book will really make you appreciate flush toilets.   You Can Run: Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America (Out in the World)  is based on the intrepid two years Jesse spent sparkling through South America.

His recent entry in OUT, really made me laugh. Titled  DIRE STRAIGHTS,  it discusses this new trend of straight people taking over gay bars!

He observes”Are they lost? May I point you in the direction of the nearest Irish Pub? But they are not lost. Straights are here on purpose, flagrantly flaunting their otherness. The best gay dance club in Berlin today is half straight. Even in our own country, drag dens, once regularly raided by police, are now raided by the roiling hotbed of estrogen known as the bachlorette party, full of women armed with penis straws and pecker necklaces.”

“We must draw the line in the glitter,” he adds. “How to defend our formerly unspoiled territory. Curious customers gladly pay admission to see inside P.T. Barnum’s circus sideshow.  The general public has become increasingly fascinated with our community folklore.”

And my partner and I see this all the time, in cities everywhere. Friday and Saturday nights bring out what we like to affectionately call, the bridge and tunnel crowds. The sightseers. The suburbanites. Who want to hang with the gays and get fall-down drunk, and try to lick the muscle boys who have their shirts off. Enough already!  I believe a gaggle of women should not be allowed in gay bars, unless accompanied by at least one gay friend. We know a bar in Chicago that requires each woman, be accompanied by at least one  gay man. No groups of women are allowed.

Like my Mother-in-Law used to always say, “What are you gonna do?!”

Currently Jesse clings to the fringe of Manhattan, at the end of Alphabet City.  Check out his blog and his writings!

 “If you’re not sparkling, what the are you doing?! ”  
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