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Gay New York City Lawmakers Meningitis Bill

 Openly gay New York City legislators have passed legislation to expand
access to meningitis vaccinations, in the midst of an alarming and
deadly outbreak of the disease among men who have sex with men.

pharmacists to administer the meningitis vaccine will help us stop a
wider outbreak of this deadly disease which is evolving into a serious
public health concern for the NYC LGBT community,” said Senator Brad
Hoylman, who introduced the legislation, known as S.4881A/A.7324A. “The
best way to prevent illness and death from meningitis is to be
vaccinated. As we’ve seen with the flu vaccine, when pharmacists have
the authority to administer a vaccine, immunization rates increase.”  Read More on EDGE


Hot Deals at THE OUT NYC



First AIDS Generation Reunites to Discuss The Early Crisis Years in New York City May 9th

of New Yorkers who lived during the worst devastation of the AIDS
years, joined by leading educators and scientists, will come together in
a free panel discussion and town-hall meeting to discuss the unique
challenges they face as a group.

 Titled “Is This My Beautiful Life? Perspectives From Survivors of the AIDS Generation,
this first-ever community forum will take place on Thursday, May 9,
from 7-9 pm, in Mason Hall at Baruch College, 17 Lexington Avenue (enter
on 23rd Street). The space is wheelchair accessible. The
panel discussion will be followed by a public forum for attendees to
discuss their experiences, share their challenges and ask questions of

The event is free
but pre-registration is required at
. This town hall is particularly targeted at gay men in midlife,
whether HIV-positive or HIV-negative; all person living with HIV; former
and current AIDS activists, caregivers, and service providers; and New
Yorkers who lost friends, lovers, and colleagues to AIDS.

The evening will be hosted by the Tony Award-winning star of Angels in America,
Stephen Spinella. It will begin with short presentations by experts on
aging, activism, mental trauma, and chronic disease. The panel of
experts will be moderated by Dr. Perry N. Halkitis (Associate Dean for
Research and Doctoral Studies, Professor of Applied Psychology and
Public Health, NYU Steinhardt, Professor of Population Health, NYU
Langone School of Medicine and author of the soon-to-be-released book, The AIDS Generation: Stories of Survival and Resilience). 

the youngest of those people now enters middle age, it’s clear
that—like soldiers—the AIDS generation suffers even after its fight has
abated,” said event co-organizer John Voelcker. “Many members of the
group that fought the ravages of the epidemic, buried its brothers and
sisters, and endured a war that the rest of the world felt it could
ignore seem to suffer what may be something similar to post-traumatic
stress disorder (PTSD). Their depression rates are higher, they may
engage in unsafe sex, and a few of those with HIV inexplicably stop
taking the lifesaving anti-retroviral medications that saved their lives
15 years ago.”



New Yorks Dog Poop Problems

      But lets face it , dog poop is gross.

It’s hard to imagine eight million people trying to avoid dog refuse on
the streets of New York City on a daily basis. It’s harder not to
imagine New Yorkers from all walks of life picking up after their
canines. Using plastic bags or trendy, mechanized devices, pet owners
have become a unified force in cleaning up the sidewalks of the Big
Apple. We forget that Health Law 1310, which went into effect in 1978,
was the first such legislation to work in a major city, and that the
strange custom of scooping in New York continues to influence
communities around the world. READ THE BOOK – New York’s Poop Scoop Law: Dogs, the Dirt, and Due Process (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond)

How do you pick up your dogs poop? 

owners pick it up with a non-biodegradable plastic bag. They “recycle”
(re-use) one of those plastic bags from the grocery store. They pick up
the poop and throw it away. Those are just about the worst invention EVER!

But then what happens? It gets sent
off somewhere, to live on forever and ever and ever.

may not think about it, but chances are if you have a dog you’re creating
excess waste, somewhere. There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the
United States. That’s a lot of poop!

NOW – We have better choice!  A smarter Green solution!

Paul Cannella, the owner of Chicago-based, created a solution. 

Cannella’s PoopBags are 100 percent  TOTALLY biodegradable dog waste bags  —
Made from corn starch and other renewable resources, PoopBags are shelf stable products that will degrade, after use, at the same rate as the core of an apple. 

“I used to always run out of bags for my dog, May. I started grabbing extra bags when I could: my Mom would save them for me, I always asked for double-bagging, etc. I started looking for sources on the web and discovered just how bad plastic bags were for the environment.” says Paul. 

In 2003, there were very few resources for biodegradable bags — and it remains true today. While many claim to be biodegradable, only a couple actually meet the ASTM D6400 specification, which allows you to legally claim your product is biodegradable.

 Check out Poop for an assortment of items!

The ORIGINAL and the BEST Poop Bags!


Meningitis outbreak among Gay Men in New York City

A deadly meningitis outbreak among gay men in New York
City has led the city to recommend that every gay man who is basically
sexually active, and not in an exclusive relationship, to get a
meningitis vaccination.

The  CDC is saying,
“Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective
membranes covering the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges.”

The alert was issued two weeks ago – I didn’t hear a word about it until yesterday when the Huffington Post wrote about it.

The New York City Health Department’s recommendation for who should get vaccinated…..The Health Department issued new recommendations today for vaccinating
against invasive meningococcal disease – commonly known as meningitis –
after an increase in cases. Vaccinations are now advised for men,
regardless of HIV status, who regularly have intimate contact with other
men met through a website, digital application (“App”), or at a bar or

Read more at the America Blog


‘The Sexual Ethicist’ Live-Format Talk Show at THE OUT NYC

Join psychotherapist and Sexual Ethicist columnist Robert Levithan at his monthly, interactive live format talk show featuring
New York Times best-selling novelist Elizabeth Flock, known for her smash hit
Me & Emma and former contributor to TIME and People magazines, in
The Study at THE OUT NYC located at 510 West 42nd Street (42nd Street between 10th and 11th Aves, Manhattan) on Monday, April 1 at 7:30 P.M.


forum is designed for the gay and gay-friendly crowd and invites the
audience to ask tough questions and engage in frank and sometimes
controversial dialogues on sex, sexuality and relationships as viewed
from a very sex-positive and ethically rigorous perspective.


This event is free and open to the public, RSVP’s are encouraged:


New Yorks LGBT Homeless Need Help Now

The Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest organization working on behalf of homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, today released a compelling new video viewable online in support of the Campaign for Youth Shelter.  The video, outlining the stark facts of the plight of LGBT homeless youth in New York, was released to promote an October 24 rally in Union Square, at which New York’s LGBT community will demand shelter for all youth in the city.  

Watch  video

Among the key points featured in the video:

In New York, an LGBT youth is eight times more likely to experience homelessness than a straight youth.

LGBT youth who are homeless face a significantly higher risk of HIV infection, suicide, and physical and sexual assault than their homeless straight counterparts.

40 percent of all homeless youth in NYC are LGBT, according to a 2008 census conducted by the Empire State Coalition.

Despite the scope of the problem, in 2011, both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo have proposed drastic cuts to services for homeless youth.

Said Carl Siciliano, founder and Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center: “We hope that this video will promote awareness of the terrible peril that LGBT youth face when left homeless in the streets. With the recent spectacle of elected officials taking budgetary actions to endanger and abandon homeless youth in New York City, we hope the rally on October 24th will send a loud and clear message that the LGBT community demands that they be protected. No youth should be left in the streets without shelter.”

The October 24 rally will be held in Union Square, beginning at 6 PM.   It is in support of the Campaign for Youth Shelter, and is being planned by representatives from the Ali Forney Center, the Bronx Community Pride Center, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, Green Chimneys NYC, the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, and Queer Rising.

Information on the rally and the Campaign for Youth Shelter online.

The Ali Forney Center (AFC) was started in June of 2002 in response to the lack of safe shelter for LGBT youth in New York City. The Center is committed to providing these young people with safe, dignified, nurturing environments where their needs can be met, and where they can begin to put their lives back together. AFC is dedicated to promoting awareness of the plight of homeless LGBT youth in the United States with the goal of generating responses on local and national levels from government funders, foundations, and the LGBT community.


RENT’s Sean Michael Murray
chats with the super handsome and talented star of Rent at New World Stages.

Sean Michael Murray!

He talks about his Broadway debut in American Idiot, his quirks, stupid human tricks and some great messages about living your life to the fulllest.

Please check it out. is a website for (HERO) HIV Experience Resources Organization – a non-for-profit company operating in New York State.  It features Entertainment News and On The Town updates. It’s also dedicated to helping people getting around, get through and get over the system that hinders timely assistance for the newly diagnosed & people living with HIV/AIDS. And it’s dedicated to entertaining you, and keeping your spirits up where they should be. HERO is 100 % Volunteer based.


Russell Fischer of Jersey Boys is Broadway Hero of the Month

It is so great to live in a city where people really care.

The gay community does more than give lip service.
People like Michael Cavnaugh from GAY LIFE is out there donating countless hours to his site. Not only scurrying around town, doing fabulous interviews, but also constantly gathering and updating  HIV and AIDS resources on his site. 

 Broadway actors are out there donating their time to worthy causes.  It’s really a great community we have here!

THIS MONTH, interviews the handsome and super talented, Russell Fischer from the Broadway hit show, Jersey Boys. He talks about the incredible way he got the role, his creative halloween costumes, his charity work and so many amazing messages.

These interviews are so great – and so inspirational – check it out!


Broadways ALEX RINGLER talks with Gay Life
chats with the very handsome
Broadway Veteran, Alex Ringler

 about his experience on Broadway in
West Side Story, his touring the World with A Chorus Line, Stupid Human Tricks, About Broadway Bares on Fire Island and Broadway Bares in NYC June 19th.

He talks about playing with his pussy…cat, I mean.   And his virginity!  As a Broadway Bares and Fire Island Newbie.

Check out this amazingly
elegant and super hot guy!

Alex Ringler and GAY LIFE NYC

Gay Life


Nick Adams Raises $25,000 for the NYC Aids Walk

The AIDS WALK NYC took place this past Sunday and all the stars came out to support it!

Check out the super hot Matt Bomer from White Collar, The Cast of Modern Family, From The Event, Laura Innes, Michael Ruiz, Jack Mackenroth, Broadway Hunk, Nick Adams, and much more!

NICK ADAMS  was  Over $25,000  thanks to Nicks  fans and readers of this site!  Funds were still trickling in at press time!   YAY!!

“I am so overwhelmed by peoples generosity, ”  said  Nick.

Michael Cavnaugh from  did some great interviews!

Interview with MATT BOMER and NICK ADAMS
and there is a great piece of the Priscilla Cast  performing!



Broadway Bares XXI MASTERPIECE June 19th


will be held on
Sunday, June 19
 with two performances
at     9:30 pm & Midnight

at Roseland Ballroom,
239 West 52nd Street
in New York.

A benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, BROADWAY BARES XXI: MASTERPIECE will offer up a modern-day burlesque show packed with museum-quality human canvases that would make an art critic blush.
It’s been said that “all art is erotic” and 200 of Broadway’s sexiest bodies will prove that to be true as the 21st edition of BROADWAY BARES takes you inside an auction too hot for Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

The most delectable dancers in New York will emulate the art world’s seductive nudes and give life to history’s sultriest sculptures.  Handle these masterpieces with care or fig leaves, sunflowers and water lilies just might fall off into the crowd. Get your bidding paddles ready before these Broadway bodies of art are “going, going, gone.”
To see the New York Times’ exclusive first look at the posters for this year’s BROADWAY BARES and to read an interview with BARES photographer Andrew Eccles.

BROADWAY BARES XXI: MASTERPIECE is produced by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, executive produced by Tony Award-winner Jerry Mitchell (Catch Me If You Can, Legally Blonde) and will again be directed by Josh Rhodes (Sondheim: The Birthday Concert, The Drowsy Chaperone, Working at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago).

BROADWAY BARES, the hotly anticipated annual event combining the naughtiness of burlesque and the razzle-dazzle of Broadway, has been a smashing success since its inception in 1992. The event features the hottest male and female dancers on Broadway and has become one of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ signature events. The first Broadway Bares featured seven dancers performing choreographed stripteases on a bar and raised more than $8,000. In all 20 editions, BROADWAY BARES has collectively raised more than $7.5 million for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 212.840.0770, ext 268.  For more information and merchandise, visit


Attacked in Beaten in New York City For Being Gay

This is NYC 2011.

You would think, this wouldn’t still happen. But we must remember, hate is still everywhere. Sure we have gay bars and gay pride and one or two rights, but we are still hated by many. Damian Furtch is a reminder, hate still exists. Even in New York City.

STEPH WATTS reports, 26 year old Damian Furtch was on his way home from work at a restaurant late Sat night (Sunday morning), when he stopped off at a McDonalds in NYC’s West Village ( a predominantly gay area) to get some food. It was approx. 4:30 am.

While inside the restaurant Damian noticed 2 men staring at him – giving him “looks” – we have all been there, we know what this feels like. It was late, Damian was tired, he felt uncomfortable and he didn’t want any trouble so he left.

He was across the street, walking away while on the phone to a friend when the 2 men from McDonalds approached him and asked him “if he had a problem” before he knew it he was punched in the face by one man, then instantly felt another punch by the second perp, and then he heard it – “You Fucking Faggot” , the words as hurtful as the punches.

Damian managed to get away – but not before suffering a severe beating to his face – and head to the nearest hospital where the police were called. He filed a police report and the cops appropriately asked him if they used any slurs. Damian said yes “they called me a faggot.” Now these 2 thugs are wanted in connection to a HATE crime. Damian got 4 stitches and they have to break and re-set his nose.

Take a stand for Damian against the epidemic of hate in this country. It doesn’t stop here….This is where it starts.

We commend Damian on his bravery for coming forward, for not being ashamed as to what happened. We are  committed to seeking justice for Damian. Please stand with me on this issue and add Damian as a friend on facebook – let him know his is not alone in this fight!

Best Gay New

Share Covers Gayfestnyc Spring Gala

This past week, our friends at GAY LIFE covered the Gayfestnyc Spring Gala.  They captured some great speeches including one from David Mixner, A true hero in our community.  

He reminds us, (especially the youngins!) of our journey from the 50’s. A time when most hid in the closet. Mixner tells the stories of horror faced by the GBLT Community in the past, like the fact over 4,000 needless lobotomies were performed on homosexuals.
He tells of the the strives we’ve made and  the people we have lost.  And what we need to do – every GBLT person, friend and parent needs to see this video!  also interviews the stars at the Center Dinner Gala, Angela Lanbury and Alan Cumming and  Awardee Broadway Producer, Tom Kirdahy plus  much more. So many great messages about being safe from HIV.

Don’t miss these awesome videos!

Thanks to GAY LIFE

Best Gay New


Voted Best Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine in New York City

I recently discovered the wonderful effects of Hot Stone Therapy!

Hot stone therapy is a thoroughly nurturing treatment, using hot basalt stones to massage – the conjunction of heat and massage has a powerful sedative and calming effect on the body. The heat of the stones is carried down into the deeper layers of the body resulting in a release of tension in the muscles and connective tissue. Increased circulation results in the removal of toxins from the system and increases the flow of lymph throughout the body.

Basalt Rock is formed when a volcano erupts and hot lava spills out over the edge to cool and form rock. Over many hundreds of years the rock (basalt) is exposed to wind, rain, heat, cold and the natural progression of the moons and the changes of the seasons. The stones we use for the therapy are found in rivers where they have been tumbled to their wonderful smooth and rounded shape.

So many of us neglect our personal health and wellness.  Today’s society focuses strongly on outer beauty. While trying to live up to those standards, we often neglect our inner wellness.  We are all unique individuals with different body compositions requiring specific techniques to help boost your wellness and inner beauty. We need to make time for ourselves and Rest, Replenish, and FEEL GREAT doing it!

Dr. Jenny Liu is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and master practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has over 30 years of experience in acupuncture in the field of Chinese internal medicine. Aside from her practice at Grace Health Center , Dr. Liu also devoted her time in the field of research and published many articles on acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr. Liu specializes in acupuncture for pain management (headache, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, abdominal pain,) asthma, allergies, sciatica, stroke, numbness, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes, poor digestion, ovary cyst, infertility, insomnia, stress, fatigue, depression. So while I was there, I spoke to Dr. Liu about this back pain I have been experiencing.

Dozens of thin metal pins inserted into the skin will send chills up just about any first-timer’s spine. But in reality, it’s nothing really.  It does not hurt and most people feel the positive effects almost immediately. Where the sterile acupuncture needle has been inserted, you may experience a slight numbness, tingling, or dull ache. Sometimes people experience a sensation of energy spreading and moving around the needle. Acupuncture helps reopen “clogged”  channels in order for the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is an all-natural, drug-free therapy, yielding no side effects. There is also no danger of infection from acupuncture needles, because they are sterile, used once and then discarded.

The number of treatments will vary from person to person. Many people experience
Immediate relief; others may take months to achieve result. Chronic conditions usually take longer to treat than acute ones.

It’s all about BALANCE.

Grace Health Center is  a new alternative medical center dedicated to a state of wellness.  Alternative  treatments are available to ease all kinds of pains and discomforts. Get the best treatments and enhance peace of mind and restore balance to your body.

Grace Health Center provides an experienced and knowledgeable team. Doctor Lui, plus a Chinese Herbalist and massage and physical therapists. Chinese bodywork  and traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back to 2,500DB Medicine, help restore “Qi” (energy), which  is the essence of life. When “Qi” flows freely in a person’s body the person is in good health. Massatherapy has long been a method for curing diseases, being practiced and developed by the Chinese in their struggle against diseases. Massotherapy can have specific effects on some common diseases and multiple diseases, it has always been very popular in a lot of countries.

Stop by and see the experts at Grace Health – and tell them you read about it on! and get 10% OFF all services!

Grace Health Center    204 E. 60 ST. , 2/ FL.   TEL : 212-355-4068

Acupuncture & Rehab Center      81 ELIZABETH ST. SUITE # 303    TEL : 212-219-8987

Best Gay New